How YOU Can Help

How YOU Can Help

We at Whispering Hope treasure those rescued animals that we do have as well as those that were born here. Taking care (feeding, housing, medicines and vet bills when needed for our rescued animals) of the 9 different kinds of farm animals that we have is an extremely costly venture every month. Our animals are part of our family and as a teaching and interactive educational farm we enjoy sharing our animals with you.

We are a small, family farm with hours and hours of chores every day to do in order to care for the animals. Any donation help, large or small, is so greatly appreciated when it comes to providing for our animal family. 

Text us if you have something to donate to the animals and we can make arrangements 704.674.8911

Thank you so very much! 

Some examples of items that are needed and used on a daily basis:

Strategy Horse Food
Liquid anti-bacterial dish soap
Liquid anti-bacterial hand soap
All sizes of collars and leashes
Tall kitchen trash bags
Tarps (any size, thicker)
Dog igloos and kennels
Bags of Pine shavings
Laundry detergent
Treated plywood
Treated lumber
Outside Lil Tykes toys (slides, playhouses, etc.)

ADOPT A NURSING HOME OR OTHER CARE FACILITY for small animal therapy! There are care facilities that even with our reduced rate can't afford any cost. For a minimum cost you can have a part in giving small animal therapy. You have the option to bring the family and come along when we do animal therapy. You will be rewarded by the smiles on the faces!
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