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Fall Farm Days at LLC!

Hay Rides!
Horse Rides!
Milk the Cow!
Hold and Pat all the small baby animals - bunnies, lambs, goats, piglets, chickens, ducks! They love to be patted! ‚Äč
Play on the Farm Playground!

All of the Fun Fall Farm Activities start at 6 pm (farm is closed to the public before 6 pm) and end at 8 pm, EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY EVENING beginning with September 23rd and ending on Tuesday October 31, 2017! Beginning in October children are welcome to come to the farm dressed up!

Entrance to the farm for this event is $7 CASH per person - adults and children. $5 horse ride per child. **Horse Ride Lovers can purchase up to 3 horse rides ($15 total per child) CHECKS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, CREDIT/DEBIT CARDS AT AN ADDITIONAL CHARGE. 

We milk the cow 30 min. after start of event for 20 min. so ARRIVE ON TIME TO MILK THE COW. New big playground is ready to play on. Please SHARE so others can hear about it. Lots going on at LLC, 1405 Crowders Creek Rd, Gastonia!

Farm Opportunities:

Need to get away from life for a day or two? Come out to one of our Farm Get Away Rentals to escape life! Contact the farm at 704.674.8911 to book your Farm Stay!

We offer DISCOUNTS for large groups INCLUDING SCHOOLS of at least 30 people, who want to book a private Farm Tour during the week! ONLY $7 person and horse rides for the children are FREE! Horse rides, patting and holding all 9 different kinds of farm animals, milking the cow, playground, and Barn Pavilion. Schools will also have the opportunity to add an educational segment as well.  Contact the farm 704.674.8911 to set a date and time.

For over 10 years we have partied year round either at the farm in our Barn Pavilion or we can bring some of the animals in your house with NO MESS! 

Only 3 little mini piglets available yet to adopt! They are like puppies yet smarter!

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Farm for our Fall Farm Days!!

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