Farm Life- Your Place or Ours

Whispering  Hope LLC

Where memories are made!

Brand New Barn Pavilion!

30 x 75 space for all kinds of events...Weddings, Family Reunions, Parties,

Corporate Team Building Events, Square Dance Groups, etc.  HEATED

IN THE WINTER after January 1 if business permits!!

Contact us to book the Barn Pavilion for your Group or Event 704.674.8911!


We stay booked with parties at the farm. We only hold 1 party at a time at the farm for your enjoyment and the Barn Pavilion is yours alone! Because of this, booking a party is on a first come first serve basis with whoever verbally on the phone gets the nonrefundable reservation fee to me first.

NO smoking, alcohol, glass containers, balloons or outside animals are allowed on the farm grounds by people coming to Whispering Hope LLC.

Party at the Farm with the fun farm friends or we can travel to your place!

​Summer time partying at the farm in comfort! Yes, not only do we have the Barn Pavilion BUT the whole area except for horse riding is in the deep shade. Guests even comment how much cooler it is in the shade.

We party year round! We have successfully done INDOOR animal parties at your place for over 10 years! We can bring the bunnies, chicks, ducks, and piglet IN YOUR HOUSE with NO MESS! The animals do not run around but are held by the party guests. Also the new Barn Pavilion is going to be heated in the winter after January 1 if business permits!!

Event Information: 
Contact us about coming out to your facility/neighborhood/church/daycare/etc. We customize the animals, times/dates according to what you need. Spring and Fall, we are very busy with events. Some of our clientele that book with us are Town of Weddington, Town of Kings Mountain, NASCAR, PGA Golf Tournament, numerous neighborhoods that we go to year after year spring and fall, churches, large company events, etc. We can entertain your large or small event at your facility. Book early especially in the spring and fall.

Party Information:  

Parties At The Farm include 2 hrs of fun, horse back riding, patting and holding the small animals,  children's club house, and playground, for $195. for up to 12 children - additional children are $10 each.  We stay very busy so book early - call 704-674-8911 and see if we can fit you in. We do 1 party at a time at our place.

Our animals are used to being around people and interacting with them. Many people have told me "This is so neat. You don't just pat the animals thru a fence, you actually get to go in with them." Our bunny time is unique compared to some others. You get to sit down, we put a towel on your lap, and you get to hold the bunny.  We are very hands on here at Whispering Hope LLC!

Release form has to be signed if you are bringing another child without their parent with you. 

Please wear closed toe shoes as it is safer for your feet.

We stay very busy and are not able to accommodate pre party visits. On this page and other pages are pictures of our place and on our facebook page there are also pictures. On our Calendar of Events at the Farm Page, you also have the opportunity to join us at the farm for one of those events. At party time, everything is well manicured. People are amazed at how pretty and neat our place is for a working farm. We do a lot of parties at our place and have had many people book twice because their other children also want to party at our place!

Party Package Extras:

Moo! Come Milk Me! Who in your party - Adults and Kids- has the talent to milk a cow?     $25 

​Horsing around with Horses! Learn the basics about horses. Try your hand at grooming, hoof care, and saddling

a horse!      $25