​​​Times and Dates for classes are posted on the Calendar of Events at the Farm Page when we plan on holding a class or gather a minimum of 4 friends and let me know a couple dates and times you want to meet for a private class. $20 person

Homesteading Classes at your place or ours!! We will schedule a private Homesteading Class at your location or ours for your group. Contact us for details. Additional price for classes at your location or larger number of people.


Learn the Art of Soap Making :

We will make a batch of Milk Soap either out of our wholesome cow milk or goat milk. Once you learn the basic technique in making soap you can control the ingredients that will become the soap you and your family use. If you need a soap to help with dry skin, we will teach you what to add to make the skin more moisturizing. Instead of putting chemicals on your skin learn how to make natural soap to nourish your skin. Learn the healing benefits for your skin of using farm fresh raw cow milk or goat milk for making soap. Soaps make great gift ideas as well.

Learn the Art of Cheese Making :

We will make mozzarella and ricotta cheese out of raw milk from our cow. We will learn about the different cheese cultures, the adding of rennet, how to separate the "curds" from the "whey". You will be able to go home and make your own cheese for your family. Wholesome cheese without all of the chemicals AND it tastes better!


Pick out several animals that you want to have in the future and we will go over all aspects of those animals. You will learn from my mistakes and literally save hundreds of dollars and a lot of emotional heartache by learning what to watch out for and how to treat the problem as well as housing, medicine, food, breeding, buying, etc. 

Raising Rabbits and Chickens

Learn how to raise rabbits for pets, fiber, fertilizer, and food. This class will cover the basics to get started with your own urban rabbitry. Raising rabbits is an excellent way to include animals on a city lot or a small hobby farm with limited space. We will meet the 2 breeds of bunnies at Whispering Hope Farm com LLC and learn how to safely handle them. We will discuss how to house rabbits, feeding and breeding, and what to look for in choosing rabbits. We will discuss different breeds of bunnies and uses for each breed. Bunnies make great pets.

Complete class on raising backyard chickens: how/where to buy, basics of raising chicks, care and feeding for health and egg production, how to shelter and protect from predators, ailments, Which breeds meet your needs? eggs and using manure for gardens. Also, a chance to see the teacher’s urban homestead, hold chicks and adult chickens, and get ideas for your own. Chickens are the newest hobby pet. Come to our workshop and have all your questions answered.​


about Homesteading:

Thanks so so much for having us and showing us around and answering all of our questions!! I feel much less nervous now!! I'm very excited to get our animals. Jenna Trexel

What an informative class! My daughter and I had a wonderful time. We can't wait to come again! Michele Metcalf

about Cheese Making Class:

Great Class! Learned so much and had a Ball! Cherye

Wonderful, fun, informative! I highly recommend this class! Nicole

Very Informative! Loved the class and milking the cow was awesome. Stephanie

Loved the cheese making class! We learned so much and I can't wait to make it at home. It's amazing how easy it is once we have some hands-on experience. This was my second class at Whispering Hope Farm and I'm eager to take more. Thank you! Pamela Nastase

Loved the class! Such a relaxing atmosphere and so informative. Glad to be able to have hands on experience so I can do it on my own later. Melissa Pauley

about Raising Chickens and Bunny Rabbits:

Thank you for the great class. Enjoyed the hands on experience! We will be back for additional classes.

about Goat Milk Soap Class:

The soap making was very fun! It was educational and hands on! Being on the farm alone was entertaining. Hearing goats and seeing chickens were added to all of the excitement! Petting and meeting the lambs were also amazing! I really enjoyed myself and look forward to attending more classes. Thanks for the fun!  Khalisah H.​

I really enjoyed the class. Thank you. Amber Van Den Berg

​The class was great. Loved the animals and environment. Sonya was so nice and a great instructor. Tammy Van Den Berg

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