The farm friends at Whispering Hope LLC are:

Bunnies - 4 breeds - Holland Lop, English Lop, English Angora,  Netherland Dwarf, 

Horse/Pony - Freddie and Flash

Cow - Lil Red, Jersey/Norweigen Red Cross 

Mini Potbelly Pigs - Penelope, Patty, Pip, Peggy Lou, and Pansy Mae

Southdown Babydoll Sheep - Lola Jean, Lila Jane, Lizzy and 7 other sheep

Mini Silky Fainting Goats - Spotty Dotty, Polka Dot, Mr. Dot and baby Dotty

Lamancha baby goats

Pygmy baby goats

Chickens - Rhode Island Reds, Silkies, Black Astrolorpe, Lemon Cuckoo, Golden Comet, Giant Cochins etc.

Ducks - Crested Pekin ducks

 Great Pyrenees - Bear and Bentley, the guard dogs and sweet little Pooh Bear (half golden retriever,quarter chow and poodle)

Our animals are used to being around people and interacting with them. Many people have told me "This is so neat. You don't just pat the animals through a fence, you actually get to go in with them."

Our bunny time is unique compared to some others. You get to sit down, we put a towel on your lap, and you get to hold the bunny.  We are very hands on here at Whispering Hope LLC!

Occasionally we have animals available for adoption and they will be posted on the For Sale Page and Facebook.

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