Raw Cow Milk (available for animal consumption only in NC) $6.00/gallon.  We have fresh raw milk 99% GMO FREE basically organic but can’t label it as organic. Eats grain from Germany. Milked out twice a day on our family farm. Since we are in NC the law states that we can sell the milk legally for animal consumption only. My family does consume it. $6/gallon. Text 704-905-6349 for availability.

Sold legally in NC for animal consumption. That is the law. If I lived in SC I could sell it for human consumption.

All natural Goat Milk Soap - $2.50/bar 

Homemade Bees Wax Chapstick - $2.50

Nature Made New York Maple Syrup- natural sweetener, no chemicals or artificial sweeteners, straight from the trees on my uncle's maple syrup farm! Half Gallon $39.

Mini Piglets! Bottle fed to be nice, tame and sweet! Only a couple left.

Email - info@WhisperingHopeFarm.com or Call us 704-674-8911

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