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Hi! I am Amanda Totherow and I am your point of contact when scheduling an elementary school field trip to Whispering Hope Farm.com. Being from a small, country town, I grew up with a love for animals and a passion to show people that there is a world outside of what you grew up in. With my love for animals and teaching, I decided teaching was my forte. I currently teach third grade in Heath Springs, South Carolina. My teaching style goes hand-in-hand with the style of Whispering Hope Farm.com. Through touch, play, and experience, learning happens at a much deeper level than just sitting and listening. This is why I love Whispering Hope Farm.com and everything we stand for.

With 9 different kinds of small animals to hold and pat, horses to ride, a cow to milk, a playground to play on, and a Barn Pavilion to eat lunch in, who wouldn't want to come out to the Farm!

Call WhisperingHopeFarm.com to schedule your school Farm Tour 704-674-8911

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